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Life is a gift ~ Nurturing it is a Responsibility

What in the world are hormones and how do I understand what’s happening in my body?

Hormones are chemicals released by cells that have an affect on other cells and multiple systems throughout our bodies.

They are basically chemical messengers that transfer signals between cells and they affect everything from our metabolism to mood.

Hormones do everything from control, stimulate or inhibit cell growth, help and hinder our immune system, prepare our bodies for various stages of life (puberty, parenting, menopause) and react to environments and situations (fight or flight responses, mating) and more.


Nature’s Balance

Hormones can also regulate the production and release of other hormones and work to keep our bodies in balance both with itself and our environment. Often (especially in an industrialized nation) our hormones get out of balance due to the introduction of manufactured chemicals and materials in our day to day life.